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As well as the 15 albums he has made fronting Rockgrass pioneers, Hayseed Dixie, for the past 17 years, John has also made two solo albums to date. The debut solo John Wheeler album, called “Un-American Gothic,” was released worldwide on February 4, 2013 on the Cooking Vinyl record label. It contains 10 original songs and 2 reinterpretations. The second solo album, called “Difficult #2 Album,” was released worldwide on January 29, 2016 and contains 11 original songs.

John is also the writer of pretty much all of the original songs of Hayseed Dixie, which has allowed him to put his more surly feet fully forward. He’s still pretty surly on these albums, but the music is more varied, experimental and often more piano-based.

You can get the music digitally everywhere from Spotify to iTunes - anywhere in the world. Or if you’re old-school like us, you can order the CDs from the Merchandise Page: